One down, many to go

One of my new year's resolutions was to complete a 10k run in under 90 minutes. I know 90 minutes is a fairly relaxed goal, but I just needed a goal to get me started on endurance training. So after my exams last month, I signed up for a 10k training clinic with Running Room. The format consists of a clinic night (where various speakers come in to educate us on a topic for 20, 30 mins) followed by a short run, and open practice runs on Wed evenings and Sun mornings.

When I showed up on the first day, I discovered I'd unknowingly signed up for the Advanced 10k clinic (vs. a Beginner 10k), which is intended to condition 10k runners and prepare them for moving onto a half-marathon. And I'd find out in the following weeks that the other runners in the group either worked their way through the clinics (Learn to Run, 5K, then Beginner 10k), or had already been running 10k or halves. So I came in last *every* time, 3 runs a week, for 5 weeks straight. But at least new (and proper) shoes solved my knee pains. The runs have been getting easier (and less torturous) each time, and I enjoy running with the group.

This morning, we ran our first 10k route (actually it came out to 9.7k). Despite a sore hip flexor and IT band, I made it back to the store in 1:12:47. Not toooo shabby! Now I just have to work on finishing pain-free. :D

I've already signed up for 2 races:
  • Golden Ears Bridge Run (7km)
    The grand opening of a new bridge in the Lower Mainland. Open to pedestrians in mid-June. Just a little taster for races, and to check it out. Later next month, the bridge will open to cars. I believe that the first month will be free, but afterward a toll of $2.85 will be charged.
    [Editor's notes:
    - Turned out to be 8.6km. Finished in 55:31. :)
    - News article about the GEB.
    - Pictures from the GEB run.]

  • Canada Day ROCK Run (10km)
    This is the race this clinic is geared for. The race will take place in White Rock (hence the name), aaaand, there are 3 chances to win... a ROCK! Yep, a diamond! (But it's more like ONE chance, for the Average Joe.)

There are also the Squamish Days and the Terry Fox runs that I might be interested in running, but we'll see how this body holds up! :)

我今年的新年決心之一是 90 分鐘以內跑完十公里。 我知道 90 分鐘不是一個很炫燿的目標,但我主要是要有個目標給我一點動力開始運動,鍛鍊耐力。 所以上個月考完試之後,我就報名加入 Running Room 的十公里的跑步訓練班。 它的格式是每週請不同的講師來談某個話題,然後去跑步;週三和週日練習跑步。

我第一天去的時候發現我不意中加入了 10k 進階訓練班,給 10k 賽跑者加強訓練,讓他們能順利接著半馬拉松的訓練! 然後經過幾週,發現他們大部分都有照著訓練班練起來 (新跑步者,5k,然後 10k 基礎),或他們曾經已經跑過 10k 或半馬。 於是我過去五週,每週跑三次,每次都跑最後一名。 但至少買了新布鞋 (專業店員幫我挑的),膝蓋不會痛了。 每次跑步越來越順了,跟第一次比起來好很多,然後也蠻喜歡跟一群人一起跑步 (當然都會散開)。

今天早上,我們第一次出去跑十公里 (其實跑了 9.7k)。 雖然髖屈肌和大腿外部的肌肉有點痠疼,但 1:12:47 跑完,回到跑步店。 不賴吧! 接著要繼續訓練才能無疼痛地完成它。 :D

  • 金穗大橋 (Golden Ears Bridge) 賽跑 (7公里)
    大溫區的一座新橋,六月中正式開幕,開放給行人。 用來嚐試一下比賽的感覺。 下個月底會開放給汽車;聽說第一個月免費,但之後要收 $2.85。
    - 結果賽跑距離 8.6公里。 55分 31秒鐘完成。 :)
    - 金穗大橋開幕的新聞報告.
    - 當天拍的照片。]

  • Canada Day ROCK Run (10公里)
    我們的訓練班就是針對這個比賽的。 比賽地點在大溫區的 White Rock (才會如此稱呼)。 還有,有三個機會能贏... 一顆鑽石! 酷吧! (一般人可能只有一個機會吧。)

之後,我對 Squamish DaysTerry Fox 的比賽也有興趣,不過先看看這臭皮囊能不能撐得了! :)

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